Peel Away Ads!


    The perfect way to get that extra attention without the complaints of your customer. Peel Away Ads are a proprietary technology that display a small animated "Peel" also know as "Curl" or "Dog Ears" on your Web site on the Top Right Corner (see on our right corner). If a Web site visitor moves the mouse over the Peel Away Ad it smoothly opens with a peel-off animation.


    • Increase Your Monthly Earnings Use the "Peel Away Ads" to increase your monthly income! Make extra money with affiliate programs, products and services, or rent advertising space in your own Hot Page Peel. The only limit is your imagination!

    • Enjoy Higher Click Through Rates - Because of human curiosity this new type of ad generates a very high click through rate! Use it for your Web site, special product offers, statistics and much more.

    • Install On Multiple Domains - Use our Peel Away Ads as much as you can, It doesn't matter if you have 1 or 100 domains; go ahead and profit from them all!

    • "Piece of Cake" Setup - Add you domain information to the script in less than 5 minutes, put in the target URL, place your own graphic -> DONE! Your Peel Away Ad is ready to make money for you!

    • Rotate Multiple Ads - Want to sell advertisement space on your site? The Peel Away Ads script allows you to rotate multiple ads on your site.

    • Supports 98% of online Users - Supports 98% of online Users - Our Page Peel Ads script is supported by all web browsers since it uses the Adobe Flash Player. Yes, you reach 98% of all Internet Viewers!!


    You don't have to be genius to figure out that higher click through rates on your advertisements mean a hire income for you.



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